Kevin Stevens, left, and Jonathan Crowder both like watches. Jill Broussard


My Style: Jonathan Crowder and Kevin Stevens

The partners at Intellis Capital talk about their style icons and the items they can never leave home without

What I do…
Jonathan: “I’m a partner at Intelis Capital, a Dallas-based venture capital firm. My time is mostly spent finding ways to partner with visionary entrepreneurs seeking to solve society’s most important challenges.”
Kevin: “I’m a venture capitalist at Intelis Capital, which means I get to partner with entrepreneurs to help them build what are hopefully long-lasting businesses that make an impact on society. It’s a unique position in that I see people problem-solving a different problem every day.”

Who is your style icon?
Jonathan: “I borrow ideas from a disparate group including Gianni Agnelli, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and James Dean.”
Kevin: “I’d be lying if I said I’ve thought too much about this one. I really do believe the man makes the clothes, and not the other way around, so confidence is key.”

How does your work influence what you wear?
Jonathan: “I seek to always dress in a manner that makes the people I meet feel most comfortable. Entrepreneurs come from many walks of life. It’s important to me that they feel understood, and that means dressing in a way that feels relatable.”
Kevin: “One of our core values at Intelis is authenticity matters, which means no matter what we wear, you’ll always get the same people. We chose this because we often have two audiences—entrepreneurs and other investors—plus we really like style, so we dress up for no reason other than we enjoy it.”

What inspires your style choices?
 Jonathan: “My inspiration originates in many places, but I believe great style is a function of a person’s personality. I dress for who I aspire to be that day.”
Kevin: “My mood and or my audience. There are days when my schedule dictates [dressing] in a business/business casual style even though I may not enjoy it.”

How would you describe your style?
 Jonathan: “I think of my style as refined yet eclectic, with a nod to the classics. I’m always a fan of pieces that look simple, but are elevated in a subtle way.”
Kevin: “Classic but open to new ideas. I try to find things that won’t go out of style for the most part, but I do like to venture out of my comfort zone on occasion.” 

What do you never leave home without?
 Jonathan: “I never leave home without a really great vintage watch. I just love them, and at this point I’d say I’ve built a small collection.  I enjoy the craftsmanship that goes into making them, and the way they can elevate even the most basic look.”
Kevin: “A nice watch. (Jonathan will have the same answer, but don’t print this unless he does.) I love watches because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail necessary to building a really great one, much like building a business. I also believe valuing others’ time says a lot about a person. I try to always be on time to show respect.”

Favorite store?
 Jonathan: “I hugely admire the brand that Gable and Ed Shaikh have built at Hadleigh’s. They have really focused on the values of genuine style, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and above all else, service.”
Kevin: “Hadleigh’s, Suitsupply, and Bonobos for things I plan on wearing to work. Uniqlo is my go-to for basics like tees and sweats. My goal is to spend the most on the pieces I’ll always have while saving on things I’ll have to replace often.