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Meet The Dallas 500: Linda McMahon

The president and CEO of The Real Estate Council on her first job, her greatest inspiration, and how she motivates others.
By D CEO |

First Job: “Babysitting. I learned patience.”

Greatest Inspiration: “My parents. They took major risks in order to provide a future for their children.”

Toughest Challenge: “Making sure that our organization is maintaining relevance to our industry, community, and members. This requires constant re-evaluation of our activities and investing in new programs and people. As a nonprofit, maintaining financial stability [while] being nimble in creating game-changing programs is a delicate balance.”

Lesson Learned: “You have to continually change and adapt to stay on top of your industry. You have to take risks in business and in life.”

Funny Moment: “I got a hole-in-one on my birthday with a group of friends. Drinks were on me!”

Car I Drive: “Infiniti Q60 convertible”

How I Motivate Others: “I encourage people to take risks and do things differently, and I always back them even if it does not work out the way it was planned. I work very hard and never will ask someone to do something that I would not do myself.”

Who’d Play Me in a Bio-Pic: “Bette Midler, just because I love her.”

Bucket List: “Go sea kayaking”

Hobby/Passion: “I have a few passions. I love being with family and friends around a dinner table with great conversation. I love golf, but [have] a high handicap. I love travel, music, and art.”

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