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Founder and CEO, Fort Capital

Chris Powers

As an undergraduate, Chris Powers started buying rental properties and leasing them to fellow Texas Christian University students under the banner Powers Acquisitions LLC. Powers put down roots in Fort Worth after graduating in 2008, and rebranded his real estate endeavors to Fort Capital in 2012. Today, the company’s portfolio boasts 1.5 million square feet and $220 million in assets, and includes industrial, multifamily, and urban properties across Texas. Throughout the day, Powers’ passion for Fort Worth is clear from meetings with business leaders to talks with his own team members.

6:00 am

Wakes up to take a half-hour ride on his stationary bike before getting his 18-month- old daughter up for her morning bottle.

7:30 am

Eats a breakfast of eggs and bacon at the Press Café. He’s meeting with other Fort Worth real estate leaders to discuss the future of commercial real estate. It’s the first meeting of a monthly roundtable focusing on how the assembled leaders can impact the future.

9:00 am

Arrives at Fort Capital’s offices for a weekly marketing meeting with Marketing Director Abby Osvog. The first hour is dedicated to reshaping the company’s core values. They cut three values out of the original six, and add six new items. Additionally, Powers fine-tunes elements of the new company brochure.

10:45 am

In a brief moment between appointments, Powers answers some emails.

11:00 am

A phone call with Honest Buildings, a Silicon Valley-based software company that delivers solutions for budgeting programs to streamline communication with contractors.

12:00 pm

A quick lunch meeting at the City Club of Fort Worth with a highly influential Fort Worth CEO, who asked not to be named.

2:00 pm

At the office, meets with a potential investor in an industrial building in west Fort Worth.

3:00 pm

Checks in with COO Jason Baxter for an update on the operational side of the company.

3:30 pm

Sits down for a meeting with Sarah LanCarte, managing director of industrial, and Hunt Woodruff, vice president of finance.

3:45 pm

Powers records a promo video for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.
Will Ehrhardt

Meets with Andra Bennett House, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce vice president of communications, and records a promotional video for the chamber, which positions Fort Worth as a hotbed for economic opportunity. The video includes business leaders from across the city explaining why Fort Worth is ripe for new business development.

4:15 pm

Receives the company’s new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. He ordered one to provide clients preliminary looks at remote properties.

4:30 pm

Last meeting for the day, regarding Fort Capital’s ongoing River District project. Powers talks with Urban Genesis CEO Matt Shafiezadeh to discuss ongoing aspects of the development, which covers 60 acres on the banks of the Trinity River that have been revitalized by $200 million of investment over the last four years.

6:45 pm

Heads home to his wife, Mikal, and plays with their daughter.

8:30 pm

After dinner, Powers puts his daughter to bed and continues working.

11:00 pm

Lights out.

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