Founder and CEO, Enseo

Vanessa Ogle

In 2000 Vanessa Ogle founded Enseo, which now powers and manages the world’s largest fully monitored, out-of-home media network. Most of the company’s customers are large hotel groups, which Enseo provides with the likes of guestroom entertainment, Wi-Fi, and branding. On the day we met, Ogle was returning to Enseo’s Richardson headquarters following a two-week honeymoon in Tanzania with her husband Paul Bullock, a musician in a Journey tribute band. It soon became apparent that the 120-plus-employee, $60 million (annual sales) company approaches its work with something of a rock ‘n’ roll attitude, too.    

5:00 am

Wakes unusually early at her Fairview home, because she’s still on “African time.” Works out—sit-ups, yoga, Pilates—before making breakfast for her family.

7:30 am

Arrives at the office and begins poring over two weeks’ worth of emails.

9:00 am

Meets with Omar Khan, Enseo president, about crafting an investment strategy for the company. Multiple firms want to invest in Enseo, Ogle says.

9:15 am

Takes a meeting with Katy Ericson in HR and Peyton Wimmer, the company’s chief cultural officer, about strategic recruiting and hiring initiatives.

9:30 am

Huddles with Khan and Wimmer, who also is a consultant for rock musicians in Austin and elsewhere. Wimmer says he makes himself available to counsel Enseo employees on issues including communication and “passive-aggressive” behavior, because “we want to be safe enough to do something dangerous.”

10:15 am

Ogle listens during the weekly sales meeting.
Glenn Hunter

Weekly sales meeting, with a number of people sitting around a long conference table and several regional salespeople on speakerphone. The company’s seven sales reps update their latest closings, as well as properties being worked in markets ranging from Maine and Virginia to Arizona and Canada. “Good work, you guys,” Ogle says. “I’m gonna go to Africa more often!”

11:30 am

FROM TECH TO ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Ogle’s day included a trip to NorthPark Center to watch her daughter sing. Below, the Enseo marketing department.
Glenn Hunter

Checks in with marketing department, where they review a video that’s just been posted on Facebook for “Throwback Thursday.” The video shows the Enseo band, with Ogle singing lead, performing a song called “Boogie” at a recent company party. Says one member of the marketing team: “We have a rockin’ CEO!”

12:00 pm

Meets with Ed Wolfe, senior vice president of IP and contract strategy, to sign an agreement to add HBO Go to Enseo’s offerings. Wolfe tells Ogle the company now has a total of 1,013 hotels in its portfolio.

1:00 pm

Drives her 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser to NorthPark Center, where her 8-year-old daughter, Arianna, will sing in a Christmas concert as a third-grade member of the choir from Puster Elementary School, in Lovejoy ISD. Other Enseo team members attend the concert as well, including graphic designer Elizabeth Smith, who is Ogle’s sister and Arianna’s aunt.

2:00 pm

Meets with Bill Fang, Enseo chief technology officer, who oversees all the company’s engineering efforts. He and more than a dozen other Enseo employees have worked with Ogle for two decades.

2:40 pm

Weekly executive staff meeting. Ogle eats her lunch—a chicken salad that was ordered in—while listening to reports from team members including Kristin Reichert, CFO.

4:00 pm

Conference call with Marriott, Enseo’s biggest customer. Ogle and Khan will fly to the east coast tomorrow to meet in person with Marriott at the hotel company’s headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland.

4:30 pm

Phone call with David Simpson, Enseo’s chief product officer, to discuss product planning for the company’s next-generation software.

4:45 pm

Prepares with Khan for the meeting with Marriott.

5:00 pm

On drive home, listens to new playlist in order to pick songs for the Enseo band’s next performance. Wants to add a few country songs, because the concert will be in Houston, in addition to rock and blues.

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