Jeanne Prejean


My Office: Dr. Nick Zenarosa

The founder and CEO of Integrative Emergency Services shows us his workspace.

Dr. Nick Zenarosa is the founder and CEO of Dallas-based Integrative Emergency Services. IES manages more than 500 physicians and advanced practitioners for facilities including 15 emergency departments across the Baylor Scott & White Health system, as well as John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth (where Zenarosa is chair of emergency medicine). Zenarosa, who’s married to a nurse, is also board chairman for Baylor Scott & White’s Century Integrated Partners. His ER company has its main office in an 18,000-square-foot former call center in North Dallas. Zenarosa, who jokes that you can spot an ER doctor because he or she “can eat a 1,000-calorie meal in 60 seconds,” says he misses his active clinical practice, because most of his time now is spent on administrative matters. “But the cool thing is, it’s not administrative in the sense of spreadsheets and forecasts,” he adds. “It’s really trying to figure out a new way to deliver healthcare, because the way we do it now doesn’t work.” 


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