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Comments From CEO Spotlight

Memorable comments culled from the weekday program with David Johnson on KRLD-AM (1080) at 6:20 p.m.

“We believe that [when] you define a smart city, it’s all the things that Amazon for example would like to have through their RFP. If you read what the Saudis are doing, it’s technology-driven, it’s fiber-driven, it’s the way that buildings operate and communicate with one another. It’s the 22nd century of where we’re headed. It will be self-sustained, where you’ll have retail, hotels, residential. Everything will be walkable. You can live there, be entertained there, have restaurants there, and you can office there. If you study similar projects—Toronto with Google and Seattle with Amazon—this is something that Dallas can do where this is sort of the heartbeat, and then all of the other peripheral and contiguous projects can feed off of it. It’s a good, new technology heartbeat. I think that within a 36-48-month period of time, it would be very easy to accomplish.” Steve Van Amburgh, CEO of KDC, on the Dallas Smart District it is developing with Hoque Global.

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Al Biernat, owner and proprietor of Al Biernat’s Restaurants, discusses his new location on Spring Valley Road in North Dallas. “When you come here, sure, it’s going to be expensive, but you’re coming for quality.”

Jeff Cook, CEO of Texas Health Aetna, on the nonprofit-for-profit partnership. “We’re working to figure out how do we improve the member experience and how do we make health care more affordable in Dallas-Fort Worth.”

Deborah Conklin, CEO of Reddy Ice, on the next steps for the business that was scooped out of bankruptcy in 2012. “We are very well-capitalized and growing … We’re only two months away from our ReddyIce app.”