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My Toughest Challenge: Andres Ruzo

The CEO of LinkAmerica talks about finding the American Dream.

“It’s hard for an immigrant [in] a new ecosystem that has a different language, different culture, different food, different everything. So when I came to the states with two bags and the American dream, it was most difficult to start thinking about how business is conducted, how people interrelate, and what value system they have. In my country [Peru], it’s totally different. First you become friends, and then you do business. In the States, it’s the opposite. My best friends in the states are people I [met] through business. My story has been about transforming mentalities, making changes, and learning the new way of the land in order to become successful. Having the perspective of my old ecosystem has really helped me grow in different areas and see things from a different point of view in terms of speed, scope, and scale.”