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Interior Designers

My Office: Ann Schooler

The owner of Schooler Kellogg & Co. gives us a tour of her workspace at her Wolf Hall showroom.

Ann Schooler is one of the most prominent interior designers in North Texas. Her ventures include the decades-old Schooler Kellogg & Co., an interior design firm, and the Wolf Hall Antique Collective. The latter’s a 10,000-square-foot showroom that Schooler owns in the Dallas Design District. The showroom, which started as a place for Schooler to store antiques she’d collected on her buying trips to Europe, features objects from four antiques dealers, plus bimonthly “pop-up” artists. Born in Amarillo, Schooler earned a B.A. in journalism from The University of Texas before studying at the Parsons School of Design’s program in Paris.

She says she travels 50 percent of the time but, when she’s in Dallas, she works out of “the smallest office” at Wolf Hall. Why the smallest? “Because I’m never in it,” she says. (When the phone rings in the showroom, by the way, you hear the sound of a wolf howling.) Schooler designs upscale home interiors for an exclusive clientele. One of her pet philanthropy projects is Mission Olé, an annual gala benefiting the Trinity River Mission. She’s co-chairing the benefit next month.