Chancellor, Texas Woman’s University

Carine Feyten

Carine Feyten spends her days embodying Texas Woman’s University in Denton. She wears maroon, white, and black to work every day, and lives on the campus grounds. She rides her golf cart to work in the “tallest tower between Dallas and Oklahoma,” never leaving home without her iPhone and lipstick. Her 17th-floor office offers birds’-eye views of Denton. She uses her Apple Watch to stay on track with her relentless schedule, and without it wouldn’t know what activity she has next. “There are not two days ever alike,” she says.    

6:00 am

Feyten begins each day by working out or meditating.

7:30 am

Feyten meets key city officials like Denton Mayor Chris Watts and Denton city manager Todd Hileman to discuss the expansion projects TWU has planned. Breakfast is served at the meeting where Feyten, a vegan, eats a bagel with apricot spread.

9:50 am

Feyten departs for a meeting with a TWU donor in her white Dodge Charger. She leaves the car parked across from her office in a special parking place for the president, right outside the police station.

10:00 am

Feyten meets with the donor, who is a former alumnus, at West Oak Coffee Bar. She has a pour-over coffee, which she drinks black.

11:00 am

She walks to the bookstore to buy a TWU-themed birthday present for a friend. She picks up a university T-shirt, a black S’well bottle, and a bracelet.

11:45 am

At the president’s leadership council luncheon, the council of top students gives Feyten insights into the university from a student perspective. For lunch, Feyten has a fruit bowl with granola, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, as well as a sweet potato with stuffing, snap peas, and quinoa.

1:10 pm

Carine Feyten’s day includes time in her office in the “tallest tower between Dallas and Oklahoma.”
tiffany ditto

She reviews the speech she will give at the upcoming faculty awards, signs documents, and fills out paperwork. She finishes with just enough time to send out a few tweets.

2:00 pm

Attends the faculty awards where she makes her speech, and hands out service pins. Feyten speaks to each recipient briefly as she hands them their pin. After the awards, she enjoys a slice of cake.

3:00 pm

Feyten bicycles and chats with students at TWU.
tiffany ditto

Drives to her home on campus to change clothes before her “rolling bicycle meeting.” She dons a biking shirt that says “Feyten” on the back and has the TWU logo on the front. She drinks a glass of water, no ice, and is off.

4:00 pm

Feyten meets students outside the recreational center on campus for the rolling meeting. She holds these meetings twice a year when students can bike around campus and chat one-on-one with her about anything.

6:00 pm

Hosts a reception at her home for the TWU Gymnastics Team. The team won their 10th National Championship this year. On a normal night, Feyten cooks with her husband of five years.

10:30 pm

Feyten,Texas Woman’s University chancellor, lives in a house on the school’s campus.
tiffany ditto

Turns in for the night.


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