CMO, Patrón Spirits

Lee Applbaum

5:30 am

Wakes up and begins his day by running on the Katy Trail.

7:30 am

Drops his son off at St. Mark’s School of Texas for his last day of fifth grade.

8:00 am

Heads to Front Room Tavern in the Lumen Hotel for breakfast. He downs egg whites, a bowl of granola, and a four-shot espresso.

9:30 am

Arrives at his office in Patrón’s Southlake headquarters to check emails and plan for meetings ahead. Applbaum has been out-of-pocket traveling, so he takes time catching up with all his employees.

10:15 am

Applbaum holds an update meeting. Greg Cohen, VP of corporate communications, describes his weekend trip to Washington, D.C., where he met with the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. They covered market access, tax barriers, and state legislation. Greg noted, “If there is a law shift, there will be a market shift.”

10:45 am

Applbaum receives positive feedback on the company’s newest product launches from Adrian Parker, VP of marketing. Under Parker, Patrón recently introduced the “Botender.” Acting as an interactive online bartender, the chatbot allows the brand to connect and engage with the consumer.

11:15 am

Coctail Concoctions: Stephen Halpin, manager of trade, education, and mixology, creates a Patrón-grapefruit spritzer.
Carly Mann

Post-meeting, Applbaum meets with Stephen Halpin, manager of trade, education, and mixology, to discuss the progress on his “Cocktail Lab” menu. One of Halpin’s many jobs is to conjure new drinks, and his current goal is to add one drink per day. He recently was challenged to create a fun, non-gimmicky drink for the Fourth of July—which proved to be no easy task.

12:00 pm

Lunchtime. Patrón employees indulge in Malai Kitchen.

2:00 pm

The VIP Experience: Applbaum meets with American Airlines Center and Dallas Mavericks executives to tour Patrón’s VIP club and lounge.
Carly Mann

Drives over to American Airlines Center to meet with several executives of the AAC and the Dallas Mavericks.

3:50 pm

Applbaum ends his day at the office answering more emails before heading home.

7:00 pm

To celebrate his son’s last day of fifth grade, Applbaum, his wife, and his son enjoy a family dinner at Shinsei.

10:00 pm

Applbaum has a call with the Australian press—it’s 1 p.m. down under.

11:30 pm


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