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My Style: Kevin Lavelle

The founder of Mizzen + Main on his ultimate style icon: Ralph Lauren.
By D CEO |
Mizzen+Main founder Kevin Lavelle, photo by Jill Broussard Jill Broussard

What I do …
“I work hard every day to build the next great American brand in Mizzen+Main. We have an extraordinary team of 30 people and are very committed to doing it the right way with American manufacturing and giving back to our veteran community. It’s been an amazing first five years, and we’re so excited for what’s ahead as we continue to pioneer advancements in performance fabrics in traditional menswear.”

Who is your style icon?
“In many ways, I’d say the one person I look most to is Ralph Lauren for creating classic, iconic style that lasts. I wouldn’t necessarily wear everything he does or makes, but for the most part, he steers clear of trends and sticks to things that look great years later.”

How does your work influence what you wear?
“Running a clothing company makes it fairly easy! I wear almost exclusively clothes that we make. There are some items we haven’t done yet, so if it’s clean, classic, and fits great, that’s what I look for.”

How would you describe your style?
“Ten years later, I won’t look back and be embarrassed by what I was wearing.”

What inspires your style choices?
“It needs to fit, keep me comfortable, and look great.”

What do you never leave home without?
“Fortunately and unfortunately, my cell phone. I also have a Shinola credit card wallet that I love. I’m hard pressed not to be wearing a watch every day too, and I’ll rotate at the moment now between a Weiss and a Shinola watch.”

Do you have a go-to look?
“My favorite is our performance denim and a Mizzen+Main dress shirt. I’ll throw on a blazer or sweater if the temperature drops.”

Favorite store?
“It ultimately depends on what I’m buying. Nordstrom has such a great selection on contemporary menswear. Saint Bernard’s lineup of sports gear and classics keeps me coming back. For suits, we have an amazing partner in Las Vegas called STITCHED that makes the best custom suits and tuxes I’ve ever had. Picking out fabrics, liners, buttons, and style notes is a lot of fun when you know how great something will fit.”

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