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Monte Anderson

4:30 am

Wakes up and begins the day with half a cup of collard greens, raw. He then enjoys a cup of medium roast coffee on the patio of his loft. Twice a week, he walks downstairs to a conveniently located fitness center to work out with a trainer for an hour.

6:00 am

Arrives at his office in Duncanville to send out e-mails, go over his schedule, and plan the day ahead.

7:00 am

Drives to Bolsa Mercado for breakfast where, more often than not, his long-time colleague Lena Liles joins him to discuss various projects and deals. Anderson orders a medium coffee, a blueberry muffin, and something called an I.C.U.—a juice concoction of cucumber, celery, spinach, apples, and carrots. Does he enjoy it? “Are you kidding me?” he says in disgust. “Look at what’s in it!” Still, the drink and the collard greens make him feel better, he says.

8:05 am

Returns to his office where he meets with his team to discuss progress of development plans, sign new leases for tenants, and send out financials to investors. Files upon files line the shelves of his office as well as a few Funko bobble heads, including Holiday Dancing Groot from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” and Gus Fring from the AMC series “Breaking Bad.” Cat toys and beds lay on the floor for Doc and Davis, two strays Anderson took in.


9:10 am


Travels to Bonton Farms (mural shown above) on Bexar Street, where he meets executive director Daron Babcock to review plans to help build a cost-efficient home, which will be owned by a Bonton farmer. This project will focus on affordable housing without government subsidy and will feature two units for rent, so the owner can invest in his own wealth. “We are empowering local neighborhoods to build and own their own stuff.”

10:35 am


Arrives at his Tyler Station property to talk with his team about development plans for the two-story building. Downstairs will house multiple manufacturing operations, and upstairs will feature offices, retail businesses, studios, and a brewery. The meeting focuses on design, permits, zoning ordinances, and construction progress.

12:15 pm


Stops at the Bank Tower at Oak Cliff, where Anderson’s company leases the building out to businesses. He and his associate Wana Smith, who he says will one day take over for him, update each other on different deals.

1:00 pm

p-day-monte-anderson-HaircutAt the Texas Fadez Barbershop on North Edgefield Avenue, Anderson gets a haircut and shoots the breeze with the owner and stylists about business, food, and last year’s Beyoncé concert in Dallas, which Anderson attended with Smith. Looking down as the strands fall around him he says, “Man, more of my hair is white every time I come here.”

2:00 pm

Tours a former medical office building and talks with its owner to see if he could list the property and sell it.

2:50 pm

Back at the Bolsa Mercado for a late lunch. Anderson orders a smoked turkey sandwich with a side of Greek salad, washing it down with ice tea. A couple of regulars stop by and chat for a while—a common occurrence.

4:00 pm

Still at Bolsa Mercado, Anderson meets with one of the restaurant’s owners, Chris Zielke, to talk about a potential collaborative project in Fair Park that would benefit local entrepreneurs and smaller businesses.

5:30 pm


Checks in at his Duncanville office once again to see what paperwork has made its way to his desk while he was gone.

6:00 pm

Heads home for a quiet night in.

12:00 am



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