My Toughest Challenge: Robb Stewart

The Locke Lord partner discusses what dyslexia taught him about perseverance.

“When I was in first grade, the teacher would have reading groups where four to five kids would go to the front of the room and read. For a period of time, I was able to game the system, because I could memorize what the groups before me did. But then it caught up with me. I had a lot of frustration and was acting out in class. Halfway through first grade, I was tested and diagnosed with dyslexia.

“I experienced failure, but then learned that with hard work, you can overcome that.”

Robb Stewart, Partner, Locke Lord

Twice a week my parents would drive me from Richardson to Southern Methodist University for tutoring; I would also go on Saturday mornings in the neighborhood. I experienced failure in the first grade, but then learned that with hard work and perseverance, you can overcome that. That’s a part of who I am. If at first you don’t make it, try again.”