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Senior Vice President and Director of Property Management, Weitzman

Sandi Scott

Sandi Scott oversees more than 100 retail centers totaling around 7.4 million square feet as part of commercial real estate firm Weitzman. Because she manages so many locations, she assumes a variety of positions daily. Her co-workers call her “a woman of many hats.” Some days she spends her entire workday out of the office driving and inspecting the properties she and her staff manage. Other days, she spends her time in impromptu meetings, being pulled around the office from one thing to the next. “If you love what you do, then your job is glamorous,” Scott says. “And I love what I do.”

5:00 am


Wakes up, drinks coffee, and plays with her four dogs: an English Mastiff, chocolate Lab, Border Collie, and a mutt she calls a “Heinz 57” of breeds.

7:00 am

Departs from her Midlothian home and begins the long drive to Dallas in her Toyota RAV4. She loves her mini SUV. She takes alternate routes but typically starts on the highway and wanders her way through South Dallas and downtown to get to the office. 

9:30 am


Reviews lease agreements and contracts for tenant accounts. Signs off on them, allowing lower-level managers to greenlight tenants.

10:00 am

Meets with marketing team to discuss new strategies to help tenants gain customers. They discuss a new all-digital strategy. Scott proposes a mixed approach that includes digital marketing and mailers.

11:30 am


Presents at a boot camp for new employees. Her Lego-themed presentation talks about using all the departments to build the company together. Afterward, she gives the trainees Lego sets.

12:15 pm


Snags a quick salad for lunch while watching the next training session.

1:00 pm

Meets with April Petter, vice president and director of training, to discuss the implementation of the company’s new online portal. The portal, still in the beta stage, will allow managers to take notes on a property and load them directly to their database. Previously, they had to input notes at the office.

2:00 pm

Meets with Leisa Barger, chief marketing officer, to discuss creating a property management brochure and marketing management website for the businesses they market.

2:30 pm

Attends a meeting with Weitzman Chief Operating Officer Weldon Simons to discuss the remodel of the Weitzman offices. The Maple Avenue offices are on the third and fifth floors but will be on the fifth and sixth floors after the remodel is complete. Weitzman expects to stay open during the remodel, which is scheduled to finish in spring or fall of next year.

4:30 pm


As the day winds down, Scott checks emails and approves department expense invoices.

6:30 pm

Scott leaves the office and begins the long drive home in rush-hour traffic.

8:00 pm

Arrives home and cooks dinner for herself. Her husband, Brian, has usually already eaten by this time. She unwinds with a good book, or watches CBS’ television series “NCIS.” “Property management is one of those [jobs] that can be an all-consuming role if you let it,” Scott says. “You have to learn how to shut things off.”

11:30 pm


Turns in for the night.

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