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CEO Spotlight: Nicole Weeldreyer

The managing director of Goldman Sachs & Co. on lessons learned.

Why Investment Banking?

“I feel most engaged and rewarded when I am helping people solve problems beyond their purview. Beyond investments, as a private wealth advisor, I have a chance to assist some of the world’s leaders in business, philanthropy, and thought leadership in two areas of significant importance to them: family and financial legacy.”

Toughest Challenge:

“For any industry, the financial crisis of 2007-2008 was a career low. But we tackled the hardships of those markets by being proactive, initiating tough conversations with clients, and advising our families on the best way forward, even if it wasn’t comfortable. I learned that reacting emotionally wasn’t a luxury I could afford. When times were challenging, clients relied on us the most.”

“I have the chance to assist some of the world’s leaders in business, philanthropy, and thought leadership.”

Nicole Weeldreyer

Lesson Learned:

“In private wealth, numbers alone don’t solve client concerns. Being as engaged as possible with our clients and their families is just as important
as managing their investments.”

Looking Ahead:

“Today’s wealthiest families are different than they were even 15 years ago. Many have created their wealth by disrupting industries or following a different path. Our practice of hiring people of diverse backgrounds—demographically, educationally, vocationally—enables us to speak credibly to more, different kinds of private clients than ever before.”

What Keeps Me Up:

“Extreme polarity in politics and in society. It seems that fewer and fewer people are willing to engage in a face-to-face dialogue over 200 characters. Communication is becoming oversimplified, imprecise, and inflammatory, and I worry it is changing the way my kids view constructive dialogue.”

Advice for an 18-Year-Old Me:

“Don’t be afraid of criticism. Look for the opportunity to learn and grow from it. And tweeze those eyebrows!”

Favorite Food:

“Jalapeno ranch dressing on anything at Chuy’s.”

Favorite Beverage:

“A big glass of wine on the couch at home.”

First Car:

“1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser Station Wagon”

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