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CEO Spotlight: Mandy Ginsberg

The CEO of Match North America, the nation's largest online dating company, on technology and matchmaking, corporate philosophy, and takes on Moscow mules.


University of California, Berkeley (BA-Spanish and English literature), The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (MBA)

Why Tech

“I’ve always loved technology and entrepreneurship, so Match is an obvious fit. The thing I love most about Match is we fundamentally change people’s lives by connecting people who never would’ve met. What I love about the consumer internet business is it’s always changing, is fast-paced, data-driven, and nimble.”

“We’re not making widgets. We’re giving people the ability to … start a life together.”

Toughest Challenge

“Losing my mother to ovarian cancer. She was 60 and I was 33. I subsequently tested positive for that BRCA gene. So while running a really large company, I had to go through preventative surgery.”

Lesson Learned

“You’re only as good as your team.”

Looking Ahead

“I love the fact that we give the people the opportunity to fall in love. You can’t say that for many industries at all. We’re not making widgets. We’re giving people the ability to … start a life together.”

Keeps Me Up

“When you’re a market leader, you have to constantly stay on top and innovate.”

Fun Fact

“I was a very competitive youth soccer player. I played Division 1 for Berkeley. I love winning.”

Advice for an 18-Year-Old Me

“Don’t work so hard right out of the gate. Try to see the world. Go have different experiences, get different perspectives.”

Frightening Moment

“I was starting the hardest business school in the country, single, and with a daughter. I was terrified.”

Favorite Food

“Sushi at Uchi or a burger at R+D Kitchen”

Favorite Beverage

“I love the twist on the Moscow mule at Top Knot.”

First Car

“I drove a new bright red Renault Alliance that I wrecked within two weeks of having.”

Favorite Movie

“‘Princess Bride’”


“Girls’ education and girls’ equality.”

Mandy Ginsberg is the CEO of Match North America.


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