David Vogin


My Toughest Challenge: Bill Henry

The chairman and CEO of MHBT on pulling his team together after a tragedy.

My toughest challenge: Losing my business partner and mentor to a heart attack

“Before starting McQueary & Henry, Joe McQueary and I worked for Texas Employers Insurance Association, where he served as my mentor. We decided to get into the insurance brokerage business, and in 1983 MHBT was born from scratch with no employees or accounts. Fast-forward to 1987, Joe and I were supposed to go to Hawaii to sign a deal, but Joe decided to stay home. The day before I left for Hawaii, Joe insisted on signing a buy-sell agreement to ensure if anything happened to us, our company would be in good hands. Four days later, Joe collapsed due to a heart attack and died. MHBT pulled together and worked hard to overcome the tragedy, and we succeeded. This made me aware of how fragile life is. I brought people behind me so that if anything happens to me, all of my employees are okay. I care about every single person that works for me.”


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