“I have no idea how Marilyn got in here. I had been in Europe for a week and came back one day and she was sitting in my office and has stayed there ever since. She’s hot.”


My Office: Ken May

Take a look inside the Topgolf CEO's colorful, playful workspace.

At Dallas-based Topgolf, Ken May says, “having fun and an edgy spirit is very, very important.” For proof, he says, consider the company’s headquarters space, where there are two beer taps in the lobby and all the office walls are glass, because “we’re totally transparent.” May’s own office is colorful, playful, and “a little weird,” befitting a CEO who once promised to—and did—wrestle a Hulk Hogan imitator after his employees hit a huge sales goal. That was at FedEx Kinko’s (now FedEx Office), where May worked for 25 years and became CEO before joining Topgolf in 2013. A “global sports-entertainment community” featuring food, beverages, and golf games using micro-chipped balls, Topgolf currently has 28 locations and plans to open 15 more over the next five years. May has also served as president of Krispy Kreme and as chairman of the March of Dimes national board of trustees.



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