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My Toughest Challenge: Rebuilding a Business

Chuck Meadows—a partner in Meadows, Collier, Reed, Cousins, Crouch & Ungerman—talks about starting over.
By Lauren DeLozier |

“In 1989, several partners left our law firm for another business opportunity. Some of us decided to stay and rebuild. We ended up leasing out part of our office space to another professional firm, and we hunkered down and worked through it. The first year was tough, but eventually we started growing and hiring new people. After about two years, we took back the space we had subleased and grew into it. That same firm has since become Meadows Collier. The biggest challenge was handling all of the administrative work, and at the same time being the cheerleader—and also trying to satisfy clients. [I learned] if you step up to meet your challenges, they give you new energy and new opportunities. The challenges are what keep you fresh. You have to keep growing to do well, and that is what we were eventually able to do.”