My Toughest Challenge: Working in a Male-Dominated Industry

Tara Green, president of Klyde Warren Park, on the sports business.

“I began my career in the sports world. I worked in college athletics, professional sports, and for the convention and visitors bureau, bringing different sporting events to Dallas. Early on in my career, I was often the only female in the room. But I realized I could learn a lot just by being in the room and soaking up information. One of the things I look back to is my time on the Dallas 2012 Olympic Bid Committee. Decisions were being made at a high level and a very fast pace. It taught me to be effective in getting my points across clearly and concisely. Because if I didn’t get to the point quickly, they were moving on. … Although I may have been the only woman in the room [when I worked in sports], it didn’t mean I was discounted. Leadership is leadership, independent of your gender. You just need to know how to inspire, how to motivate, how to collaborate, and communicate. For me, that is the key to being a good leader.”


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