Where to Find Funding

Connecting with the right investors is tough and can be even tougher as a woman.

Access to capital for women entrepreneurs can be a dicey subject. Some argue that historically, funding groups were often the “good ol’ boys club.” Here are two sources of funding in DFW aiming to create better balance by investing in women entrepreneurs.

Golden Seeds

Headquarters: New York

Founded: 2004 in New York, became active in DFW in 2011

Type of funding: Angel investment

About the fund: Golden Seeds has raised three funds worth $36 million for women-led companies. It has invested in one North Texas company and three Texas startups. The investment group has more than 300 members across the country, about 25 from DFW.

Typical investment: $750,000 to $1.25 million

Companies in which it invests: Startups in a large market with explosive growth, strong management, and some kind of legal protection. Companies should be just past the friends-and-family fundraising stage.

Texas Women Ventures

Headquarters: Oak Lawn

Founded: 2005

Type of funding: Private equity fund that offers growth capital

About the firm: The group has raised four funds worth $26 million. It has invested in 10 North Texas women-owned or women-led startups. Its last fund had 111 investors with a range of business backgrounds. The firm often sends early-stage companies to Golden Seeds.

Typical investment: $1 million – $3 million

Companies in which it invests: Candidates are expected to generate between $10 million and $100 million in annual revenue. They should be high-growth companies with experienced management teams.


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