Principal at Has Events


My Style: Hamilton A. Sneed

The principal of HAS Events is inspired by his journeys abroad.

Event planner Hamilton Sneed’s style is continually evolving. A lover of color and travel, his style is a reflection of his journey. 

“The world around me inspires me every day,” he says. “My clients, the events that we plan—from an interactive corporate product launch to some of the more over-the-top black-tie charity galas—it’s the creative nature of the experiential marketing business. I’ve been inspired by my travels and time living abroad, mostly in London.” 

Sneed’s love for travel was cultivated at a young age, as his father worked as an executive for the Trailways bus network and traveled the country. His appreciation for designer footwear also came early: “Most people that know me know that I’m a lover of all things Salvatore Ferragamo and have been since I was in middle school. They were the first pair of ‘designer’ shoes that I purchased with my own money from Neiman Marcus downtown, and I’ve been wearing them ever since. It’s practically the only brand of shoe I wear, primarily because of the classic nature of the craftsmanship—and they fit like a glove.

“I’m very rarely in a suit. Most days I’m in a pair of AG jeans, a T-shirt or button down from J. Hilburn, a sweater (every once in a while a casual jacket) and of course a pair of killer Salvatore Ferragamo shoes (usually their sneakers).”


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