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Solar-Powered Gadgets

Harness the power of the sun!

Summer might be drawing to a close this month, but North Texans know that high temperatures and sunshine stick around well after the fall equinox. Fortunately, a variety of gadgets that operate on solar power are available to keep you looking and feeling cool on even the hottest of days. Whether you’re outside for Vitamin D-related health reasons or just outside to soak up sun with the company of family and friends, devices that are powered by UV rays aren’t few or far between. Here’s a look at a few of the most useful.

Helios The Solar Powered Headphones – $249.90

Helios The Solar Powered Headphones
Thanks to a solar panel cleverly affixed to the top band of Helios’ The Solar Powered Headphones, you can now wirelessly enjoy tunes outdoors and on the go. The headphones’ solar panel takes 30 minutes of sun exposure to power the battery for 30 minutes. Fully charged, the battery lasts for 16 hours. The headphones’ built-in Bluetooth function allows for syncing with smartphones, tablets, and TVs with a maximum range of 30 to 32 feet. Helios’ headphones are also equipped with a micro-USB socket for standard charging. 

Rukus Xtreme – $199.99

For audiophiles who don’t mind the heat, there’s the rukus Xtreme, an all-terrain and self-proclaimed “super-loud” wireless sound system that will also funnel sunshine to charge users’ smartphones and electronics while they use the device. The rukus Xtreme’s two full-range speakers and bass extension system do make big noise, and its solar-powered battery lasts eight hours (but also comes with an AC adapter, just in case). It is also splash-proof, made of rubber, and has a convenient carrying handle; music lovers can cart it anywhere.

SunSprite – $99.99

For health-conscious individuals who need help tracking their exposure to sun comes SunSprite, a UV tracker that can be clipped onto your lapel, purse strap, collar—or really anywhere. Outfitted with 10 LED lights that illuminate as daily sun exposure progresses, SunSprite syncs with your smartphone to provide colorful biofeedback relating to user-set objectives, coaching goals, and trends in sun exposure. Doctors researched light and UV rays to develop the technology, and there’s no need to replace batteries or plug it into charge, as the device is solar-powered. Even without a smartphone, SunSprite will still give feedback; when you’ve gotten the recommended amount of sun exposure each day, its LED lights flash in a rapid succession “victory dance.” 


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