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Auto Review: Infiniti Q7OL 5.6

A worthy successor to the old Lincoln Town Car.
By Glenn Hunter |

Infiniti’s new Q70L 5.6 is elegant, powerful, and smooth, sort of like a Rémy Martin Cognac. Previously known as the “M,” this midsize luxury performance sedan also drives with more finesse than its predecessor, an improvement that’s especially apparent on winding roads. The “L” in the name stands for “long wheelbase,” a vestige of the car’s roots in China—Infiniti is now based in Hong Kong—where the 1 percent prefer being driven around to driving, and stretched-out cars are popular. Think of the 2015 Q70L, whose interior is mostly unchanged, as a one-of-a-kind successor to the old Lincoln Town Car, only with origins in Asia.

1. The top line of the trunk lid has been flattened out some, helping the car achieve its sportier, more powerful look. But inside the trunk—which closes with the aid of an automatic cincher—there’s a tremendous amount of room for multiple suitcases, golf-club bags, hat boxes … heck, maybe even Jimmy Hoffa’s body.

2. The longer wheelbase provides nearly 6 inches more rear leg and knee room in the backseat, meaning even tall passengers can stretch out and easily cross their legs. This is a big plus for the Q70L, as other luxury automakers don’t offer long-wheelbase versions in the U.S. The generous back seat also offers heated seats, personal reading lamps, a 12-volt power outlet, and automatic rear-door cinchers.

3. Our test car sported plenty of power, with a 5.6-liter, DOHC, 32-valve V8 engine. Mated to the 7-speed automatic transmission, the powerplant generates 416 hp and 414 lb-ft of torque, or “pulling power.” The combination is enough to zip the Infiniti from zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds.

4. The 2015 Q70L is sleek and sensuous, with much more “curb appeal” than its predecessor. The nose has been redesigned. The LED fog lights and headlights have been improved. The car’s exterior lines are more flowing in general, and the fender bulges are somewhat menacing-looking (that’s a good thing).


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