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Technology Gets Smart

Life at home is becoming more high-tech than ever.
By Hilary Lau |

At the office, measures to enforce security and encourage efficiency are enacted every day. From encryption of networks and data, security guards, and keypad locks to companywide organization standards and productivity principles, the list seems never-ending. But what can execs do to facilitate safety and efficiency at home? Fortunately, countless gadgets have hit the market that are designed to make life at home simpler, more secure, and more convenient. Here are a few that should be on your radar.    

Now You See Me

CHUI – $249

Kiss the days of mysterious strangers ringing your doorbell goodbye thanks to Chui, a smart device with facial recognition and real-time messaging capabilities that identify guests using photos uploaded through an iOS and Android app. Chui can deliver pre-recorded messages for specific guests, automatically unlock doors for friends and family, control lights, and serve as a security camera and remote monitoring device. (Read about the Southern Methodist University grads who developed Chui in the “Entrepreneurs” story below.)

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A Bird’s-Eye View 


The creators of the Matthew McConaughey-voiced thermostat have another device on the market: a smoke and carbon monoxide detector and alarm called the Nest Protect. It comes in hard-wired and battery-operated versions, and syncs with smart phones over Wi-Fi to send messages when alarms go off or batteries run low. Its light ring notifies users of danger levels with green, yellow, and red indicators, and also glows to show results of a functionality test it automatically runs every 24 hours. But rest assured, batteries last long enough to keep annoying beeping to a minimum. 

Taking the Heat

FLIR ONE – $349.99

[inline_image id=”2″ align=”r” crop=”tall”]FLIR has long been producing thermal imaging devices, but its latest brings those capabilities to the palm of your hand with a snap-on device that fits iPhone 5 and 5s. FLIR ONE uses two cameras to create detailed, multilevel thermal imaging so users can isolate leaks long before ramifications are seen on utility bills or in the form of mold. FLIR ONE can also be used to identify electrical shorts and pests. For personal safety, it uses heat to detect everything from intruders to food temperatures.      

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