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You Need to Know: Erin Nealy Cox

She and her team at the Dallas office of Stroz Friedberg LLC control the damage when your company has a security breach.
photography by Joshua Martin

Title: Managing director and deputy general counsel in the Dallas office of New York-based Stroz Friedberg LLC

Why you need to know her: Because Cox and other professionals at Stroz Friedberg can control the damage when your company has its trade secrets stolen or its computer network hacked or when someone—maybe you—forgets to secure a smartphone and then loses it.
Cox is an ex-federal prosecutor who doesn’t believe in sugar-coating the truth. So when you hire her and her fellow former federales and forensic investigators, expect them to sift through your computer network with a fine-tooth comb to get what they’re after.

They could be after a lot. Cox says North Texas companies are under continual attack via the web for sensitive trade secrets, their customers’ credit card data, and personal information.

To plug an Internet security breach, Cox and company will first attempt to hack your system from the outside and the inside, then remedy the problem. If you’re involved in a legal dispute, they’ll pore through terabytes of computer files, e-mails, and text messages to determine what relevant information—and what kind of legal exposure—your company might have.

Says Cox: “I’m an advocate for the facts.”