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Closing Quotes from Dallas CEOs

Memorable comments Culled from “CEO Spotlight,” a weekday program on KRLD-AM (1080) featuring interviews by business analyst David Johnson

“One of the big reasons I stayed with [the real estate business] was the integrity of Henry Miller. He was just a great person. … It was important to have that great example as a leader and mentor.”
Roger Staubach (right), founder, The Staubach Co. (now part of Jones Lang LaSalle), on the passing of Dallas real estate icon Henry S. Miller Jr.

“Our new and renewed loan commitments totaled $11.8 billion in the third quarter [of 2009], and that was an increase of about $1.6 billion. Our lending efforts continue to be focused on both new and existing relationship customers, but with appropriate credit standards and return hurdles in place.”
Ralph W. Babb Jr., chairman, president, and CEO, Comerica Inc., on the bank’s recent lending activity.

“We still have $30 million left to go, which, for a project like this, is not bad at all, believe it or not.”
Mark Nerenhausen, president and CEO, AT&T Performing Arts Center, on the funds that remain to be raised to complete the center.

“We’re pretty much up against the limits. We’re making everything we can make, and we’ve added some
additional capacity.”
Thomas J. Falk, chairman, president, and CEO, Kimberly-Clark Corp., on the demand for his company’s surgical masks due to the H1N1 pandemic.

“Overall we’re feeling more confident about 2010, and that’s coming through in the stock prices. Right now we’re sitting in a pretty good position.”
David N. Weidman, chairman and CEO, Celanese Corp., on the company’s growth projections.

“We promised Wall Street that we’re going to grow 8 to 12 percent [in 2009], and we have done that. There are a lot of companies out there that are cost-cutting their way to profitability, but I think it is important, particularly in this market, to really work hard to find ways to grow—and that’s certainly a lot more sustainable in the long run.”
Roderick McGeachy III, president and CEO, Arlington-based Tandy Brands Accessories Inc., on the company’s position in the retail market.

“We’re taking advantage of this down cycle to position ourselves for what I’m calling the ‘new normal.’ We’re focusing on low-emissions refineries. If you have a view that carbon is going to be more expensive in the future, then we’re going to be advantaged.”
Jeff D. Morris, president and CEO, Alon USA, on the Dallas-based company’s plans for the future.