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Meet the CEO: Patrick Brandt

photography by Jason Janik

At a time when many executives are scratching their heads over the best ways to communicate with their customers, Patrick Brandt is sitting pretty. As the new CEO of Telligent, a 5-year-old enterprise software company, Brandt oversees a fully integrated collaboration platform which includes an advanced “social analytics” tool. Before joining Dallas-based Telligent, which works with clients including Dell, Microsoft, and Reader’s Digest, Brandt founded Skywire Software. Frisco-based Skywire was sold to Oracle in 2008. For Telligent, Brandt sees a bright future: “We have a great product, we’re in a great market, and [the company represents] many things that are new, young, innovative, and just a lot of fun.”

Age 37

Title/Company CEO, Telligent

Family My wife Natalie stays at home with our two young children.

First Job I started out mowing lawns when I was 11 years old for our neighbors. I did very well for a little kid, and bought my first car with the money.

Worst Job I’ve done so many things—busing tables, mowing lawns, hanging Christmas lights.  I didn’t necessarily want those jobs, but they were motivating, and helped shape who I am today.

Best Part of Your Job  I love helping people and companies grow. The best thing about our software is that it really does connect people, and that may be students or cancer survivors. It’s pretty empowering to see such a positive impact from what you do.

If you weren’t CEO of Telligent I like to think of this as my dream job—once I’m in something, I’m all in, so I don’t think about any alternatives.

TV If our TV is on at all, and it’s not on sports, then it’s probably on something like Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, or Thomas the Train. I’m very well-versed in those shows.  Beyond that, I would watch Entourage.

Books I’m currently reading a lot of Curious George and Thomas the Train, but my favorite book is An Innocent Millionaire by Stephen Vizinczey.

Hobbies I love to go snow skiing with the family; we’re big skiers. If I had the choice, I would pack up the kids tomorrow and go to Telluride [Colo.].

Challenge I am the dreamer that wants to do so many different things, although I recognize the reality of limitations. 

Weakness Time management and patience.  I don’t have a lot of patience; I do have very high expectations. Sometimes I over-manage my time.

Accomplishment I am most proud when I feel like I’m purposeful, and there are people who are better off with my contributions. I don’t define it by accomplishment; I define it by contribution. I live by a quote that best explains this, by Peter Drucker: “Think about what you contribute and achieve.”

Weekend I absolutely love the Saturday ritual of getting up, making breakfast tacos, and then we always go and do some adventure—whether it’s going to the aquarium or riding the train.

Future Plans I believe we have the opportunity to be a great software company that serves a lot of people. I want to be in the position to make a broader impact, or help lead to make a change in the world.

Best Advice I give speeches to college kids: “Seek wisdom from the ‘been there, done that’ crowd.” The irony in this is that when you’re young, you don’t think to do that. But when you get old, you realize that you were wrong.

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