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Special Advertising Section: Ask the Expert: Fractional Aircraft Ownership Expert

Executive AirShare

In today’s dynamic business environment, acceptable air travel solutions are not easy to find.  Commercial flights are never cheap-regardless of the price-when you consider the time wasted in ticket lines, going through security, layovers and overnight stays.  And for most, the cost of owning your own aircraft is far too steep.  There’s the initial purchase price, plus substantial monthly insurance, crew and maintenance fees. 

Fractional aircraft ownership provides customers with the convenience and flexibility of private air services without the more significant costs associated with sole ownership of an aircraft.  For businesses and high net worth individuals, fractional ownership often offers a balance between convenience and cost.

Q. How does a company or individual determine if fractional aircraft ownership is right for them?

Fractional ownership is the most cost-effective transportation solution when an individual or company needs an aircraft between 50-400 hours per year.  It is particularly advantageous if they require departures from multiple locations or need more than one aircraft per day.

More and more companies and individuals are realizing the efficiency and productivity benefits of private aviation.  They are gaining time, controlling their own schedules, exploring more opportunities, traveling safely and securely, and achieving crucial face-to-face interaction with customers and prospects.  Essentially, they are enjoying a better balance between their business and personal commitments.

Q. What is the cost structure for owning a fractional share of an aircraft?

Less than you might think. You’ll pay a fraction of the typical airplane ownership costs, with none of the hassle — and all of the convenience. The cost structure includes an upfront share cost; a monthly shared expense that covers hangar rent, insurance, pilot salary and training; and an hourly operating rate that covers fuel, engine and airframe maintenance, as well as cleaning and stocking the plane.

By owning a fractional share of an aircraft, you are able to match your capital investment precisely to your air travel requirements.  For example, if you want to fly 50 hours a year in a light jet that costs $4 million for the entire aircraft, you can purchase a 1/16th ownership interest for just $299,500 rather than buying the whole aircraft. 

Q. What is the typical profile of a fractional aircraft owner?

Fractional aircraft owners consist of a broad range of companies and individuals.  There are business owners who buy a share so that they are able to visit multiple locations on any given day.  Some examples are restaurant owners, law firms, commercial real estate developers and oil and gas companies. The greatest benefit of private aviation is being able to utilize smaller airports which are closer to the location of these businesses in most cases.  Another user in the fractional aircraft programs is the leisure traveler.  A leisure shareowner typically takes frequent trips throughout the year to areas such as Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Jackson Hole, Florida etc. 

Fractional aircraft owners have stemmed from various means of air travel.  Some of these owners used to fly on the airlines and got tired of the hassles, others started with a jet charter card and found the cost savings and tax benefits of owning a fraction of an aircraft to be a better investment.  There are also companies and individuals that own a whole aircraft and have purchased a fractional share for supplemental lift when their aircraft is out or in maintenance.

About Executive AirShare
Executive AirShare offers a fleet of aircraft perfectly suited for important business engagements or the occasional weekend getaway. Each aircraft has a total number of available flying days per year, with time set aside for service and maintenance. With a variety of aircraft to choose from, you can purchase an interest in the aircraft that best meets your needs. And because Executive AirShare understands that business demands sometimes require traveling flexibility, its Interchange program gives you access to additional aircraft options when the need arises.

The Executive AirShare Difference

Executive AirShare strives to offer shareowners the highest level of service possible. By basing the aircraft and pilots in the cities where shareowners live, Executive AirShare can provide an experience that most closely replicates full aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost.  Executive AirShare puts you in control of your schedule with your aircraft–going wherever you need to go whenever you are ready.