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Letters from our Readers


Our September/October issue featured a cover Q&A called “The Rainmaker” with Bill Lively, fundraising point man for Super Bowl XLV and, earlier, Dallas’ new center for the performing arts.

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my personal appreciation for the fair, balanced and accurate interview of me you published in the latest issue of D CEO. In a letter I wrote to Wick Allison, I commented that among the myriad articles about my work which have been published over the years, never has the journalist been more accurate than the interview in the latest issue of D CEO.

I also commented to Wick that by focusing your publication on me you have honored the extraordinary projects I have been privileged to serve and the remarkable volunteers whose dedication and generosity have caused them to be successful.

Thank you and your colleagues at D CEO for featuring the photograph of me on the cover of your fine publication and for your splendid interview within it. By focusing on my work you have celebrated the efforts and accomplishments of a great many people who are committed to a vibrant future for Dallas and all of its families.

William H. Lively
President and CEO
North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee

To the Editor:

I enjoyed reading the interview with Bill Lively and agree with many of his comments about the difficulty of raising funds for nonprofits.

In addition to the two elements he discusses, I believe there is a third—the plethora of nonprofits that exist. Due to staff requirements, etc., you end up with each organization spending money “wisely” to help its respective clients when that money, if combined as part of a larger organization, could do so much more.

 After analyzing these issues for a year, in late 2008 we combined our entity, which was devoted to assisting people with developmental disabilities, with UCP of North Texas. Although it was an extremely difficult decision, I think both sets of clients are much better off in the long run.

Jon G. Shepherd
Alston & Bird LLP

To the Editor:

What a terrific story on Bill Lively. You did a masterful job in capturing the highlights of some of the great things he has done for Dallas and North Texas and he’s still doing it. Nobody does it better than Lively!!

And you made it fun to read. Good job.

John F. Crawford
President and CEO
Downtown Dallas

In his September/October Editor’s Note titled “Dirty Little Secrets,” Glenn Hunter explained why there are plenty of opportunities for your company to secure positive media coverage.

To the Editor:

Was just flipping through the latest issue and read your Editor’s Note. Thanks for highlighting the relationship between PR and the media, as well as providing some rules of the road. I’d heard about the results that Columbia Journalism Review study, but just in very generalized terms. I’ll definitely be looking more closely at it now that I know where to find it!

Also, very interesting comparison between boomer and younger journalists. I’d never thought of it that way, but it totally makes sense. 

Keep up the great work. You’re one of my favorite magazines.

Cooper Smith
Cooper Smith Agency

In June, D CEO was named the country’s best magazine in its category by the City and Regional Magazine Association.

To the Editor:

Congratulations on D CEO having recently received on of the most prestigious journalism awards, first place in the category of “Ancillary Publications.”

You have made D CEO quite a success story, and congratulations are in order.

Frank L. Branson
Frank L. Branson PC