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Great Expectations for Dallas-based CP&Y

Thanks to government stimulus funds, Pete Patel’s engineering and consulting firm is poised to benefit from a new emphasis on infrastructure.
Chris Korbey

It’s little wonder that Pete Patel credits Dallas’ growth to the comparatively “excellent planning” of its infrastructure—its roadways, airports, water-supply systems, and power generation. Patel’s engineering and consulting firm, Dallas-based CP&Y Inc., over the years has been a force in erecting that infrastructure.

With CP&Y since 1982, Patel, now the firm’s CEO, says that water resources, for example, are a top priority for firms locating in an area. He should know: His firm is the city water system’s long-term master planner.

The “stimulus” funds for infrastructure work expected from the federal government will help CP&Y both directly and indirectly, Patel believes. The immediate push will be for so-called “shovel-ready” projects, initially benefiting the construction industry. But the funds will also get the pipeline flowing for new CP&Y projects involving water, highway, and airport improvements as well.

Transit is a growth area for CP&Y and it “will alter the landscape of Dallas,” Patel predicts. A $62 million stimulus injection for Dallas Area Rapid Transit will directly affect his firm, since CP&Y planned and is overseeing several line expansions. Clean-energy stimulus funds also may come Patel’s way for novel research integrating different forms of alternative energy.

With offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, CP&Y employs 185 and, in 2007, had revenue of $35.9 million, with transportation and water-systems infrastructure its leading sectors. And, work for the firm just seems to keep coming. Down the road, Patel and CP&Y will vie for advanced security-systems projects aimed at securing the water supply under new guidance from the Homeland Security Department and the Environmental Protection Agency.