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A Greener Office

Elizabeth Lavin

Joe Harberg of Dallas’ Current Energy says there are cheap ways to reduce your environmental impact around the office. “We have to be smarter with fewer resources,” he says. “People are always stunned when they realize how incredibly easy it is to save money and go green at the same time.” While you’re saving up for that energy-efficient air conditioner, Harberg has a few inexpensive tips for greening your workspace.

1. Put your computer in “sleep” mode or power down at the end of the day.
By utilizing “sleep” features on office equipment, you can save up to $70 a year on your utility bills.
2. Unplug electrical devices when not in use.
So-called “phantom” power costs consumers more than $3 billion annually. Take, for example, that cellphone charger left plugged in ’round the clock; it can tack on $4 a month.

3. Cut back on paper. 
Only print documents you need and use re-useable containers and cups. Electronically filing all documents can save on paper costs, de-clutter the office, and save trees.

4. Start a water-cooler conversation.
Eliminate the need for bottled water by purchasing a water cooler. This cuts back on waste, and keeps plastic bottles out of landfills.

5. Install motion sensors for lights in common areas.
To reduce your company’s energy bill and lesson its carbon footprint, try installing these devices in conference rooms, kitchen areas, and bathrooms.