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Memorable comments Culled from “CEO Spotlight,” a weekday program on KRLD-AM (1080) featuring interviews by business analyst David Johnson

“These people developed a city that should never have been. It’s there because of their personalities. You’re looking at 65 true individuals. There’s not a ‘mold’ to be found.”
Robert Grunnah, president of investments division, Henry S. Miller Brokerage LLC,
on a new book about North Texas real estate icons titled THE BOOK—Dallas/Fort Worth Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame.

“Everybody says people aren’t loaning money, and everything’s locked down. It’s not locked down at my place! We see lots of opportunity. … And that’s probably because there are a bunch of those big boys that are locked down.”
Alan B. White, chairman and CEO, PlainsCapital Corp., on how the bank has recently been capitalizing on growth opportunities.

“People need finance and accounting work whether they’re putting in big numbers or little numbers.”
Lynn R. Blodgett, president and CEO, Affiliated Computer Services Inc., on why ACS is increasing its profitability in a down economy.

“Public or private, you’re still in the spotlight. I spent a lot of time trying to keep my name out of the newspapers for a long period of time, and that’s not quite the same situation here.”
Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, on the similarities—and differences—between leading a city and serving as CEO of a company in the private sector.

“We’re actually seeing a lot of interest and focus on health care technologies around the globe. So we’re now providing those services in [places] as disparate as England, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Australia.”
Peter A. Altabef, president and CEO, Perot Systems Corp., on the company’s recent growth.

“We’ve pulled back a little on our plans. We’re being just a little bit more conservative, and focusing on the fundamentals in the stores we have.”
James W. Keyes, chairman and CEO, Blockbuster Inc., on how the credit crisis has affected Blockbuster’s plans to revamp some of its stores.


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