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Corporate Cost Cutters

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Making money is something every company, no matter what the size or industry, has in common. One way CEOs can watch company profits grow is by strategically and intelligently slashing costs wherever possible. These featured corporate cost cutters are in business to help your business save, and ultimately make, more money in ways you might not expect. Discover your options, from setting up a virtual office and utilizing public transportation to hiring a furniture leasing partner and adopting a company-wide Medical Nutrition Therapy program.



Employee Passes and Rideshare Programs

DART gets you and your employees around Dallas and 12 surrounding cities with modern public transit services and customer facilities tailored to make each trip fast, comfortable, and economical.

DART operates local and express bus routes serving Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Richardson, Rowlett, Plano, and University Park. Plus, the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) commuter rail links DART customers to D/FW International Airport and downtown Fort Worth for a fraction of the cost of taxi fare or long-term parking. Airport buses meet all trains, departing every 15 minutes Monday through Saturday.

With DART’s new Annual Pass, companies can provide employees with bus and rail service for just pennies a day per employee. Whatever the size of your firm, DART can tailor a pass program to your exact needs. The Annual Pass is an effective recruitment tool, an unbeatable employee perk, and a great way to help North Texas reduce ozone-causing emissions.


DART Company-wide Annual Passes.

Annual photo ID passes (premium) purchased by companies for all of their employees (100% of employees at a single site).  Emergency Ride Home is included.
DART Individuaized Annual Passes.

DART’s Silver and Bronze Annual Passes are photo IDs that provide unlimited rides for the individuals in your workforce whom you choose to enroll in this low-cost benefits program.


If riding a DART bus or train doesn’t fit your employees’ schedule, they can still save time and money in DART’s carpool and vanpool programs. DART’s free RideShare computerized match list puts your employees in touch with other commuters with similar schedules and travel habits who want to share the ride. To promote ridesharing, DART also operates a system of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes allowing carpoolers to whiz past freeway traffic jams. More than 110,000 commuters use DART’s HOV lanes each weekday. DART operates HOV lanes on East R. L. Thornton Freeway (I-30) between downtown Dallas and Northwest Drive; Stemmons Freeway (I-35) between LBJ Freeway (I-635) and Round Grove Road; LBJ Freeway between I-30 and Luna Road; I-35E/US 67 from downtown Dallas to Camp Wisdom Road; I-30 (Tom Landry Highway) between S.H. 360 and Loop 12; and U.S. 75 between I-635 and Exchange Parkway.

With DART’s vanpool program, six to 15 of your employees can share the ride to work for $215 a month, divided among all riders. It doesn’t cost your company anything, unless you choose to subsidize the cost as a benefit to your employees. DART supplies the van and insurance. To learn more about how DART can save your company money, visit www.dart.org.


The Virtual Office

True Solutions leverages project and process management expertise along with its proven proprietary Operational Excellence Assessment (OEA) to provide customized solutions. TSI identifies opportunities to enhance processes for critical business initiatives, thus, reducing operating costs, maximizing technological flexibility, and simplifying the business environment. In less than 90 days, and for a fixed price, TSI can complete an assessment and recommend cost-cutting improvements for companies of any size or industry.

True Solutions uses the OEA methodology to implement various levels of its Virtual Office Models. Transitioning to a virtual office will move a company into a simplified and unified unit, easily accessible to employees, management, vendors, supplies, and customers. Studies show that virtual workers are 16 percent more productive than office workers. Companies like Sun Microsystems and IBM have been taking advantage of this model for years. During the last six years, Sun has saved more than $300 million through the implementation of the Virtual Office Solution. Like Sun, more companies are realizing that office space is empty much of the time due to employee travel and meetings. A virtual office environment where employees work from home but can schedule the use of an office or conference room can save companies a considerable amount of money. 

Learn how True Solutions Inc. can help at www.truesolutions.com/costcutters.

Business Solutions

BancTec helps clients around the world simplify the process of managing their information.  Founded in 1972, the company provides a wide range of solutions for automating complex, high-volume and data-intensive business processes for clients in the financial services, health care, manufacturing, government, services and utilities industries. BancTec’s offerings include business solutions, business process outsourcing, and infrastructure services.

BancTec delivers solutions that increase the speed and efficiency of processing information, whether remittances, invoices, health care forms, or other correspondence. Through its unique ability to combine hardware, software, and services, BancTec helps simplify data-intensive operations by reducing complexities, obstacles, and risks.  For example, in health care, BancTec helps automate and unify the administrative and financial events between providers, payers, and banks, improving claims processing, and posting efficiency, reducing administrative costs, shortening cycle times, and minimizing write-offs.

CEOs like the flexible nature of BancTec’s solutions which can be delivered as either an outsourced service or an in-house solution.  For example, BancTec offers both delivery options for accounts payable automation, inbound mail services, remittance processing, and document imaging and archive.  This enables companies to choose the delivery method that best fits into their operating model, all while saving money over conventional processes.

For more information on how BancTec can help optimize your company’s information management, visit www.banctec.com or call 1-800-BANCTEC.



Sale/Leaseback Furniture Partner


For most companies, furniture is an asset located somewhere on the balance sheet between “land” and “computer equipment” and is considered a non-strategic and quickly depreciating asset.

Yet, as a company grows, maintaining and storing excess furniture becomes increasingly more impractical. Over time, furniture becomes a significant hidden cost and burden on a corporation as excess furniture accumulates through age or shifts in company size and locations.

For many start-up and mid-sized companies, cash management is not only imperative but also increasingly more challenging as lending practices become more restrictive. Corporations have always looked for opportunities to free their balance sheet and create liquidity which can be invested in their core business.

When considering the total life-cycle cost of ownership and the capital consumption for furniture acquisition and maintenance, outsourcing a portion of these activities and costs can be an effective choice.

With a sale/leaseback strategy, a furniture leasing partner, such as CORT, can purchase a compa

ny’s furniture inventory to immediately bolster liquidity and financial metrics, freeing valuable financial and human capital for higher return opportunities in the company’s core business.

Companies can lease furniture to meet current and future needs, providing the flexibility to adjust furniture inventory to precisely meet their needs. Furniture “on demand,” delivered and removed as needed with no capital investment, can relieve a major cost and distraction.

The decision to purchase or rent furniture has strategic and competitive implications, and the option to rent should be considered by every corporation as part of their balance sheet management and capital utilization strategies.

Learn more by contacting Larry Shapiro who leads CORT’s Strategic Client Services at 402-214-5359 or [email protected]


Nutrition Coaching and Medical Nutrition Therapy

Corporate America is drowning in health care expenditure and searching for services to change the drain on productivity and retirement plans produced by diseased insureds.  These diseases include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and obesity that are all preventable through nutrition coaching and also treatable through Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).  MNT and nutrition coaching are nutritional diagnostic therapies and counseling services for the purpose of disease management and prevention furnished by Registered Dietitians. Professional Nutrition Therapists (PNT) has provided these services to corporate employees, spouses, dependents, and retirees both nationally and internationally for the last decade.  Turn the tide of your company health care costs through a variety of nutrition services offered by PNT:


• Individual and group nutrition coaching
• Corporate wellness competitions
• On-demand virtual learning
• One-minute nutrition webinars

• Latest approaches in behavior change

Visit PNT’s website today at www.foodtherapyrd.com and find out how targeted corporate nutrition initiatives translate into direct savings of your lower health benefit costs.