Making Sense of Mission Statements

DallasCEO’s Trey Garrison looks at the mission statements of some local companies—both large and small—and tries to figure out just what they mean.

COMPANY: Alliance Data Systems, Dallas
MISSION STATEMENT: “Alliance Data partners with its clients to develop unique insight into consumer behavior. We use that insight to create and manage customized solutions that change consumer behavior and enable our clients to build stronger, mutually-beneficial relationships with their customers.”
OUR TAKE: Simple, direct, and to the point, without layers of superlatives. This is what a mission statement should be.

COMPANY: Jim S. Adler & Associates, Dallas and Houston
STATEMENT: “We are knowledgeable legal professionals who are concerned and dedicated to providing exemplary legal service to our clients. We understand how the harm caused by the negligent conduct of others affects our clients and their loved ones. We strive to reduce the stress, trauma, and hassles of seeking justice so that our clients may focus on their health and their families in their time of hardship. Our dedication extends to every client, regardless of the magnitude of the harm caused to them.”
OUR TAKE: There’s blood in the water.

COMPANY: TD Industries, Dallas
STATEMENT: “We are committed to providing outstanding career opportunities by exceeding our customers’ expectations through continuous aggressive improvement.”
OUR TAKE: We punted on this one.

COMPANY: Contemporary Contractors Inc., Grand Prairie
STATEMENT: “We are a successful company that provides superior product and service, and satisfies customer’s needs. We will maintain a level of ethics, teamwork, and professionalism, while demonstrating a caring attitude toward employees & customers.”
OUR TAKE: We’re not sure what we do, either.

COMPANY: Tom Grisak Estate Home Realtors Inc., Allen
STATEMENT: “We strive to provide the highest level of professional brokerage services in the entire industry! We will continue to raise the bar within the Real Estate industry in regards to professionally marketing properties locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally! We will protect our buyer and seller clients to the very best of our ability while treating all parties to the contract with honesty, courtesy, and fairness!”
OUR TAKE: I can’t control the volume of my voice!


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