You Need To Know: Mike Zack

Mike Zach is a champion networker.

NETWORKING WONDER: Circa 2000’s Mike Zack will charm the pants—and blazer, and tie—right on you.
photography by Thom Jackson

Title: Owner
Company: Circa 2000 Fine Menswear
Details: Located in Plano; open since 1998; carries brands such as Robert Talbott, Jhane Barnes, and Tommy Bahama
Why You Need to Know Him (If You Don’t Already):
Because Mike Zack knows everyone, and if he doesn’t know you, you’re not getting out enough. The consummate man about town and owner of Circa 2000 menswear boutique in Plano, Zack has an easy smile, a humble demeanor, and a knack for making fast friends wherever he goes.

“Most of my business I get through networking,” he says. “People do business with people they like.” Zack’s wide circle of friends indicates that he’s doing a lot of business—and often with some very important people. He invites every member of the prestigious Cotton Bowl Board—of which he’s been a member for 18 years—into his store for a free blazer. Once you get people in the shop, he explains, “the clothes sell themselves.”

The son of a Detroit storeowner, Zack quickly learned the art (and the advantages) of building relationships with vendors and clients. After working for Dallas’ The Kent Shop for 12 years, he relied on the help of his connections to get his own store off the ground. Now Zack, 50, is the one helping others, mentoring young entrepreneurs and working with the Italian Trade Commission to facilitate trade between Italy and the United States.

While his networking has undoubtedly been a boon for his business, it’s helped in other ways as well. According to Zack, it even saved his father’s life. To hear that story, though, you’ll have to stop by his store.


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