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D CEO April 2008

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ClubCorp’s Extreme Makeover

Once family-owned, Dallas’ venerable ClubCorp Inc. was taken over in 2006 by a Colorado private-equity firm. Here’s what the new ownership has meant for the iconic company’s employees, members, properties-and bottom line.
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Cover Story


Ohio’s state capital offers a mix of funky boroughs, swanky hotels, and cutting-edge restaurants.

Avoiding an E-Catastrophe

New rules and trends make electronically stored information a potential legal minefield for corporate CEOs.

Bill Swisher

The Dallas Safari Club’s Bill Swisher helps preserve wildlife.

Business Lunch: The Fish Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Fans of both the raw and the cooked will devour this tranquil West Village sushi spot.

Carlos Sepulveda

Interstate Batteries chief executive Carlos Sepulveda talks bagging groceries, building fences, and bicycling.

Clearing the Air

A unique group called Texas Business for Clean Air is helping Dallas-Fort Worth tackle its smog problem.

Local TV Revenue Shifts to Early-Morning News Shows

Once shunned as a second-class by the prime-time heavyweights, TV’s early-morning news programs are gaining viewers and respect.

Private Practices

Private-equity firms are on the hot seat these days. But is the knock on them justified?

Putting Drug Safety on Trial

Lynn Van Dermark, CEO of MedTrials Inc., is precise, focused, and driven, and she has to be. Big money rides on the work done by her Dallas company, whose tests help decide which new drugs and technologies get a green light from the FDA.