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Wheel Deal

The DFW Elite Car Club is like having a garage full of sweet rides and plenty of options.
By Annalise Ghiz |

Vehicular boredom is a common affliction. Sometimes drivers tire of the cars they once loved after a mere two hours stuck in traffic, let alone two months of commuting. If you suffer from such auto staleness, call the Car Club.

DFW Elite Car Club grants its members access to more than 50 of the world’s most desired automobiles from esteemed names like Bentley, Ferrari, Lotus, and Rolls Royce. Instead of being stuck with the car you own, DFW Elite gives members the chance to drive a variety of collectible and vintage cars.

“The cost of ownership is so high, and the Car Club saves you the burden of depreciation, insurance costs, and maintenance,” says founder Ron Sturgeon. “Most people who own a Ferrari don’t drive it every day as a practical matter. It costs an average of $10 a mile to own one.”

Membership in this exclusive club costs between $750 and $3,000 per month and is based on a points system. In addition to the newest makes and models, the club offers vintage and rare models. Members are also invited to auto shows and open houses.

Sturgeon, a hot-rod enthusiast himself, started the club with his own collection of 25 exotic and classic cars that he built up during his career in automotives, real estate, and banking.

“I want others to enjoy the cars instead of having them just sit in a warehouse,” he says.