5 Power Ties You Need Now

Meet the new generation of power ties. Here, five brands worth building a collection around.

CH Carolina
The queen of classic elegance, Carolina Herrera’s men’s lifestyle line delivers the same sophistication she’s long been known for in women’s fashion. For a burst of freshness, pick up this citrus-colored keeper. $125. Available at CH Carolina Herrera, NorthPark.

Ties can last a lifetime if you care for them correctly. The folks at Robert Talbott in Highland Park Village suggest rolling your ties rather than hanging them, which can leave creases in the fabric that are hard to get out. For small stains, try their Tie Genie powder cleanser that soaks up stains and brushes off easily. For more thorough cleaning, skip the dry cleaner and send your soiled silks to Tie Crafters in New York. Their professionals actually deconstruct the tie, give it the works, and hand-stitch it back together. ($9.50 per tie, minimum of four; www.tiecrafters.com.)

Add an attention-grabbing accent to any ensemble with a piece from the Brioni collection. The polished gentleman with impeccable taste will gravitate toward this refined collection of Italian silk neckwear. $165. Available at Ken’s Man Shop. 
Ralph Lauren
The Rugby brand is a new extension of the label you know and love. Light and preppy, this casual line will suit young executives who want to round out a clean-cut look. $58. Available at Rugby, Highland Park Village.

Always fashion-forward, Gucci ties add punch to an otherwise tired suit. A man with Gucci in his closet is cutting-edge and style-savvy. $155. Available at Neiman Marcus, NorthPark.
BD8 is for those who strive to be different without being showy. This youthful brand blends modern and retro components to make fashionable neckwear that’s flashy, not trashy. $70. Available at Ken’s Man Shop.

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