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Easing Energy

Dallas-based Bes-Tech has found a way to cut rising energy prices down to size.
By D Magazine |
The energy savings that Derek Xin of Bes-Tech can promise business owners are staggering. photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Deregulation, de-shmegulation. Building Energy Solutions & Technology Inc. (Bes-Tech), is helping business owners stay cool without breaking the bank on energy costs. The fast-growing Dallas-based company doesn’t sell HVAC equipment or electricity itself; it simply makes your current HVAC system run as efficiently as possible. And in energy-speak, efficiency translates into big savings for the consumer.

“We may not be able to solve global warming and dependency on foreign oil at the present time,” says Derek Xin, the company’s CEO. “But we can immediately provide significant savings with regard to building HVAC systems by implementing innovative technologies.”

Bes-Tech utilizes a technology developed at Texas A&M University called Continuous Commissioning, which, unlike general commissioning, is HVAC-specific and automatically optimizes control systems and equipment based on individual buildings. (HVAC needs in an office building are much different than the needs in a warehouse, for example.) The system takes into account the building load and environment in order to allow the system to operate at its optimal level, and, in turn, typically reduces consumption and lowers costs between 20 and 50 percent. The patented process has already been implemented in more than 500 buildings nationwide including The Texas State Capitol Building as well as the Austin Independent School District and Texas A&M campuses.

Though the service is currently available only in buildings that are 50,000 square feet or more, Bes-Tech is working hard to expand their reach. Xin promises a compatible system by mid-year to serve small-business CEOs and homeowners, who, he claims, can look forward to even better energy savings than commercial building owners. If he’s right, it will be a welcome breath of fresh, temperature-regulated air.