You Need To Know: Mark Stafford

The England native and branding whiz co-founded Dallas-based Revel United.

IMPORT/EXPERT: England native and branding whiz Mark Stafford co-founded Dallas-based Revel United. photography by Kris Hundt

COMPANY: Revel United

TITLE: CEO, co-founder, and managing partner

DETAILS: Based in Dallas; four full-time employees; eight outsourced employees; $4.46 million in capitalized billings from March to December 2006

Because the full-service, brand-advertising agency he co-founded 19 months ago with about $20,000 is on track to end 2007 with more than $8 million in capitalized billings. The key? Start with a “brilliant, universal human truth, layer that with brilliant advertising ideas … and discover what it is that resonates to all people at a certain point,” says Stafford, who started Revel United with Creative Director Horacio Cobos. Of course, Stafford’s training at agency giant Leo Burnett London, with clients like McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and Honda, didn’t hurt either. Revel’s international flavor is also a point of pride for the company; Stafford hails from England, Cobos is from Honduras, and Revel encourages global travel to broaden its employees’ perspectives. The agency’s client roster includes Baylor Health Care System, Intervoice, Jack Black cosmetics, and deBoulle, a high-end jeweler that hired Revel to develop a cohesive branding message. Revel immersed itself in every aspect of deBoulle’s business, Stafford says, asking some tough questions to “ascertain company truths.” Any other secrets to Revel’s success? “We’re simply good—really good—at what we do,” Stafford says with a smile. So far, the numbers suggest he’s right. —Jenny Block