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My Passion: Glenn Callison

Glenn Callison gets his runner’s high on the Katy Trail.

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TRAILBLAZER: Glenn Callison gets his runner’s high on the Katy Trail. photography by Dan Sellers

Several days a week, Glenn Callison trades his business suit for sneakers and his power lunches for the pavement. Armed with his Asics, an iPod (a Christmas gift from his kids a few years back), and a little U2, he hits the Katy Trail for a midday run. It’s a habit he picked up 25 years ago when he was a Baylor Law School student and needed to blow off steam.

Now, as chairman and CEO of Dallas-based law firm Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr PC, Callison uses his time on the trail to clear his head. “It’s when I get some of my best thinking done,” he says. And his routine is the same even when business takes him on the road. “Some of my favorite runs have been through Central Park in New York or along the lakeshore in Chicago during the summertime,” he says. “It’s a fabulous way to see a city.”

Callison participates in several local charity races each year, often alongside his father, Jim, and son, Wil. This month, he’ll test his might in the White Rock Half Marathon. But for Callison, running is about much more than physical strength. The lessons running has taught him, he says, have helped him in business and in life. “You just have to keep focused on where your ultimate goal is and persevere,” he says. “Through that, you ultimately achieve success.”

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