Surfing Turf

You, too, can hang ten.

Get your feet wet with these gnarly wave-riding essentials.

  Pope Bisect Two-Piece Travel Surfboard
Price: $1,795
Most airlines make you fork over a fee to check your
surfboard. Hang ten without the hassle thanks to this two-piece board made of a hollow, pressure-molded, carbon-fiber composite that’s lighter yet stronger than conventional boards. Its easy assembly and smooth ride made it one of Time magazine’s Best Inventions in 2002. (Available at
photography courtesy of Pope Bisect Travleboards
  Jams Makaha Long Shorts
Price: $49

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a little bit—okay, a lot—of color into your surf wear. These shorts, similar to the style that launched the Jams brand in the 1960s, feature a zipper fly front, drawstring back, and come in a variety of bright prints. Made from soft, spun-crushed rayon, these loose-fitting shorts graze just below the knee for easy mobility and comfort. (Available at
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Quiksilver The Deep watch
Price: $122.99

Whether you’re catching waves in Cali or bodysurfing in Brazil, you’ll always know the best time to ride with this 2006 Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Award-winning watch. Quiksilver’s patented Tide Watch System Technology tracks 24-hour tide movement for 200 surf spots around the globe. Thanks to 15 years of preprogrammed data and pinpointed readings, your numeric tide height reading—in feet and meters—will be more accurate than most tide charts. Easier to read, too. (Available at 
photography courtesy of Quicksilver
  Arnette Rage XL sunglasses
Price: $99.95
The sun’s reflection off the water can be brutal. You’ll want some shades that not only look cool but will also perform as well as you do. Arnette sunglasses provide both in one stylish yet functional package. The Rage XL’s sleek, wrap-style frames are lightweight, durable, and head-hugging so they won’t fall off in the water, while the polarized polycarbonate lenses eliminate 99.9 percent of glare. And at 25 percent bigger than the original Rage, these XLs protect your eyes better than ever. (Available at 
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Surf Lessons Hawaii
Price: $172 for a private two-hour lesson

All the wetsuits, watches, and waxes in the world are useless if you don’t know how to ride. Let a professional show you the ropes with a one-on-one private lesson. While peak seasons vary in different parts of the world, Hawaii’s year-round warm waters make for great surfing during fall and winter months. Surf Lessons Hawaii offers classes for all ages, specializing in introductory lessons. All instructors have a minimum of 15 years’ surfing experience and are Red Cross-certified. So whether you just need a refresher course or you’re surfing in uncharted waters, your instructor will provide you with the gear and knowledge necessary for a great experience. ( 
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