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Home Theater Heaven

Trick out your media room with these gadgets and gears.
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Home Theater Heaven

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Runco Video Xtreme VX-2c featuring CineWide with Autoscope
Price: $45,000
Founder Sam Runco practically invented the genre, having trademarked the phrase “home theater” in California in 1990. The VX-2c is a 3-chip Digital Light Processing projector with an outboard video processor that enhances the look of any image, even cleaning up older, lower-quality productions.
photography courtesy of Caster Communications

Stewart Filmscreen FireHawk Director’s Choice Screen
Price: $37,000 for 100″ screen, not including installation
FireHawk screens have an optical coating that produces a quality image even in a room where ambient light is present. The Director’s Choice is a four-way masking screen that has hidden vertical and horizontal panels that can be mechanically expanded or retracted to the appropriate size for standard TV, high-definition TV, or film.
photography courtesy of Stewart FilmScreen Corporation

Bowers & Wilkins 800D
Price: $20,000 per pair
According to Sound Image assistant designer Tommy Kissell Jr., Bowers & Wilkins “redeems audio” in an otherwise video-obsessed Dallas market. Grab a pair and you’ll have the same system as the reference monitors at Abbey Road Studios and George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. These speakers produce a powerful yet natural sound.
photography courtesy of The B&W Group

Crestron TPMC-10 Isys i/O WiFi Touchpanel
Price: $3,800 for basic hardware plus programming and customizing costs
The TPMC-10 wireless WiFi 10.4″ touchpad is a fully functional computer, so you can surf the Internet while you surf channels. Not only that, you can program it to control everything in your home, from the lighting to the security system to the thermostat. Left the TV on downstairs? Forgot to close the garage? The TPMC-10 can tell you and let you change it with the touch of a button.
photography courtesy of Crestron Electronics

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