Getting Onboard the iTrain

Carrollton’s Trinity Workplace Learning is giving purpose to the iPod.

The ubiquitous iPod can be more than a plaything for your workforce. Trinity Workplace Learning, a business training company in Carrollton, has turned the entertainment gadget into an educational tool.

For 19 years, Trinity has made videos and DVDs to help organizations create and maintain a competent, informed workplace. But what to do when your underlings are always on the go? Cue up the video iPod.

“If I’m walking from place to place and I want to review a skill, I can do it while I’m walking,” says Mark Vevera, vice president of marketing  for Trinity.

The iPod is no magic bullet for business education. Vevera says the new content  serves best as supplementary or refresher training to be used in conjunction with more standard primary methods. But he sees this as a great way for employers to connect with a younger, incoming workforce that is already familiar with such technology. “We’re preparing to meet the needs of the new generation of employees in the workplace who are used to the iPod and all things Internet,” he says.

Content could be pre-loaded on the player or downloaded as desired. Employers concerned about the iPods becoming a distraction could lock the devices to prevent leisure downloads. But don’t be such a killjoy.


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