Bank You Very Much

Preston Road and Northwest Highway make up the busiest banking intersection in Dallas.

If Preston Road and Northwest Highway isn’t the busiest banking intersection in Dallas, we don’t want to know what is. Full-service banks have sprouted here like bluebonnets on a Texas highway. We found 23 of them, at last count. As with the state flower, we’re not going to pick one, but we will share the fruits of our pavement-pounding labor: a handy, easy-to-use map for you and your money.

Guaranty Bank: Preston Center,
8333 Douglas Ave., 214-360-3360

American Bank of Texas: Dallas (Preston Central),
6071 Sherry Ln., 214-750-6710

Washington Mutual: Preston Center,
8127 Preston Rd., 214-363-8833

Grand Bank,
6044 Sherry Ln., 972-588-3000

Colonial Bank,
8214 Westchester Dr. #400, 214-234-7700

Chase: Preston,
8111 Preston Rd., 214-360-4300

Frost Bank: Park Cities,
8201 Preston Rd., 214-515-4933

Countrywide Bank,

8411 Preston Rd., 214-346-9503

Wells Fargo Bank,
5938 W. Northwest Hwy., 214-265-5000

Sovereign Bank,
6060 Sherry Ln., 214-722-4800

Bank of America,
6019 Berkshire Ln., 214-363-2446


6174 Sherry Ln., 214-265-8315

Regions Bank,
6029 Luther Ln., 214-360-1860

Century Bank,
6121 Luther Ln., 214-931-5505

Frost Bank,
8235 Douglas Ave., 214-515-4215

Texas State Bank,

5820 W. Northwest Hwy., 214-866-4100

Compass Bank,
5840 W. Northwest Hwy., 972-705-8601

Bank of the Ozarks,
5949 Sherry Ln., 214-750-4800

LaJolla Bank,
4029 Northwest Pkwy., 214-528-1177

American Bank,
6071 Sherry Ln., 214-265-9764

Bank of Texas, Na,
5956 Sherry Ln., 214-987-8880

Comerica Bank,
5944 Luther Ln., 214-630-3030

SNB Bank of Dallas,
5950 Berkshire Ln., 972-624-2900


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