GOING, GOING, GONE: Collegiate Pacific’s Adam Blumenfeld is batting 1.000. photography by Elizabeth Lavin

You Need to Know…Adam Blumenfeld

Collegiate Pacific’s Adam Blumenfeld can get you geared up for sport.

Company: Collegiate Pacific, based in Dallas
Title: President
Stats: $106 million in revenue in fiscal 2005, 630 employees, founded in 1998
Why you need to know him:
If you’ve ever hit a homer, sunk a buzzer-beater, or thrown a perfect spiral (and even if you haven’t), you’ve probably used his equipment. In 1996, Blumenfeld, 35, and his father, Michael, sold their family-owned athletic gear distributor, Sport Supply Group. It was no early retirement—they went on to found competitor Collegiate Pacific in 1998. Today, Collegiate has far surpassed the Blumenfelds’ earlier effort (which, incidentally, they have regained controlling interest of) to become the largest and fastest-growing sports equipment manufacturer, marketer, and distributor in the U.S., with expected revenues of $230 million in 2006. Adam, who was featured on the May cover of Fortune Small Business, credits the opportunity to learn from previous mistakes. “We got fat and lazy for 10 years during the ’90s and late ’80s because we were the only game in town. So the shipping got slower and the service got weaker.” But the second time around, he says, “We were able to identify those weaknesses and attack those weaknesses and do all the things that we didn’t do before.” For starters, he added uniforms to the catalog and developed partnerships with major Web retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon. And since Collegiate is an all-in-one operation led with decades of industry experience, Blumenfeld is able to forecast seasonal demand better than most, stock ample inventory, and guarantee shipment within 24 hours of an order. Chalk one up for the home team.


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