Shopping Chauffeur and Gifts for Businessmen

Shopping Chauffeur saves the holidays and a gift guide for any industry exec.

photography by Allison V. Smith 

Christie Sheffield gets rid of your little shopping horrors.
by Kellie Doss

If stereotypes hold true, shopping is something women celebrate and men endure. Christie Sheffield, CEO of Shopping Chauffeur, built her business on the former and will likely go gangbusters based on the latter. Of course, it helps that she operates in Dallas, where shopping (and eating) is some people’s raison d’etre.

“With Dallas having wonderful restaurants and world-renowned shopping we provide visitors [and locals] with an experience that highlights the best of the city,” Sheffield says.

Shopping Chauffeur is exactly what it sounds like, a personal shopping tour. A Mercedes (or a limousine for parties of four or more) delivers you from store to store, where you get VIP treatment—hors d’oeuvres, champagne, private dressing rooms, and the like. Personal stylists help you with tough choices, and a meal at a nice restaurant keeps you fortified. Get a group together; make it a party.

Men, especially. Up until now, Sheffield’s has been a service for women exclusively. But just in time for the holidays, she’s extending her expertise to men as well. Tour boutiques in a chauffeured Hummer limo while watching Entourage and knocking back cold ones, letting the professionals do their work. “It makes it easier on [men] by getting advice and guidance from an experienced woman stylist,” Sheffield says.

As one client described the excursion, “They take the schlep out of shopping.” We’re guessing they cut back on post-holiday returns, too. (


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