FLY GUY: Bob Mohr casts more than a shadow. (Gear courtesy of Orvis.) photography Dan Sellers

Bob Mohr

Bob Mohr is a born risk-taker. He founded a real estate services group when he was just 29 and always gravitated toward more extreme extracurriculars, like wakeboarding and snowboarding. But 20 years, three kids, 190 employees, and several broken bones have slowed Mohr’s adventurous streak, if only slightly. Mohr has expanded his one-man start-up, Mohr Partners International, to 18 offices nationwide and two overseas. And in his downtime, he’s taken up fly-fishing. “I’m in a high-pressure environment a lot of the time, so it’s nice to get away,” he says. Several times a year for the past decade, Mohr, 49, has traveled to places like Dillon, Montana—“The sky goes on forever out there”—and Telluride, Colorado—where he and his wife just finished building a house—to try his luck. He has rods of varying length, weight, and stiffness that he uses to catch (and release) rainbow, cutthroat, or brown trout. He’ll eagerly share what he’s learned over the years about fly-fishing—or business—when asked, but he admits both require more art than science. “It’s a finesse thing,” he says. “Everybody’s had one that got away.”


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