Sexy Back

Shimmy, shake, and strut your stuff.

photography courtesy of Female Factor

Vickie Griffith knows that being a strong woman isn’t all about muscle. Her high-energy, strip-aerobics-style class Female Factor engages students’ feminine sensibilities as they shimmy, shake, and strut their stuff. It’s all flirty fun learning the day’s dance routine, which is sprinkled with squats, lunges, and “sexy pushups.” But don’t be fooled: with all that hip rolling, your abs don’t stand a chance. Remember to bring your heels. Fedora, chair, or other prop du jour is provided. Class is held Tuesday at 7:45 pm and Saturday at 10 am. Energy Fitness, 2901 Cityplace West Blvd., Ste. 100. 214-219-1900.


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